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Cargo Declaration

This template defines the table "TournamentResults". View table.

{{TournamentResultsLine|place=1 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=2 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=3 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=4 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=5-8 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= |sameplaces=4}}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=5-8 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=5-8 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}
{{TournamentResultsLine|place=5-8 |prize= |prizeunit= |team= |p1= |p2= |p3= |p4= |p5= }}

If the tournament is a 1v1 tournament, just add |solotournament=true on the {{TournamentResultsStart}} template. Usually in this case, you should also pair that with |noteams=true on the previously mentioned template. If for some reason the 1v1 tournament allows players to be identified by teams (like PRL), that parameter can just be skipped. (It will still show the team as "Solo" under the Achievements section on the respective player page)
You can also add a |flag parameter to add a flag to the Roster/Player column (only really useful when used with the previously mentioned |solotournament=true parameter as of yet).