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Why isn't there a page about my favorite team/player/personality?

There could be a couple reasons:
  • This person or team does not meet our notability guidelines. In this case, we won't create a page for them unless they meet those guidelines in the future.
  • We don't have enough information about the team or person to make a page for them. If you have info about the team or player, you can make the page yourself! Or, if you know the person or someone on the team, have them contact us and we can give them a survey to fill out; we'll make a page based off that info.
  • We overlooked making a page for them. Sorry! If you think this is the case, let us know. Or, you could make it yourself!

This page isn't up-to-date or isn't well-written or is wrong or has another problem. What do I do?

Again, you can always contact us about a page that needs an edit by tweeting at us. Or you can update the page yourself! Some pages, like tournament scoreboards, might be a bit confusing to edit. If you're unsure what to do, let us know that you were interested in editing a page but couldn't figure out how to. We're in the process of creating several tutorials to help you out, so we'll try to add one for whatever it is that you couldn't figure out.
IF THE PAGE IS A MATCH HISTORY OR STATISTICS PAGE AND IS NOT UP-TO-DATE, PLEASE LOG IN AND CLICK "REFRESH" IN THE DROPDOWN MENU TO THE LEFT OF THE SEARCH BAR. This will cause the page to repopulate the data used in the creation of the page. Once you Refresh the page once, it will fix it for everyone else, including people who are logged out. Please attempt this prior to contacting us! If the page is still out-of-date or has some other problem, then of course feel free to reach out and we will look into it!

How do I find a page I'm looking for?

There's a bunch of different ways to find pages on the wiki!
  • Dropdown menus on the front page (useful for navigating to premier-circuit events and teams)
  • Featured Leagues on the front page (useful for navigating to current major events and teams)
  • Navboxes on individual pages (useful for navigating to other pages of similar types - e.g. other seasons of a league, players on a team, or teammates of a player)
  • Tabs across the tops of pages
  • Internal search - even though in the past this hasn't necessarily been useful, we're working on making it more useful by creating redirects from frequently-searched terms to the pages they should land on
  • The side bar! There are a bunch of useful links under the "Competitive" category.

Why do you list country of birth instead of nationality or country of residence?

This is probably the most-frequently asked question, and it's a relatively long answer. TL;DR, COB is the best out of a lot of imperfect choices. "Nationality" is what we ideally want to show, but at the same time "nationality" isn't as well-defined as you might want it to be.
  • If a player grew up in Korea and moved to the US when he's 9, is he Korean or American? What about when he's 7? Due to the impracticality of directly asking every single player what they consider their nationality to be - and the fact that not every player will be able to answer one way or another - it's impossible to list factually and accurately.
  • Even if we could ask every single player individually what they want us to list, that still may not coincide 100% with what you "want" displayed by them.
So we need to use something that's a stand-in for residency, i.e. a well-defined, factual attribute of a player that has an extremely high correlation with "nationality." There's a couple options that we might use: Country of Birth (COB), Citizenship, and Country of Residence (COR).
  • COR is probably the worst one to use as a stand-in for nationality since players will live with their teams in the country where their leagues are held, and even the country that they go home to in the offseason could be different from both the country they were born in, the country they identify with as their nationality, and the country that the public thinks of them as being from. Also this is extremely subject to change.
  • Citizenship has the problem of dual citizenship since we only have space to list one flag on roster pages. Also permanent residency is a thing, so we still might not have the perfect correlation that we want. And citizenship can change over time.
  • Finally, country of birth. This is extremely easy to define, will never change, and is something that's generally easy to determine frequently without contacting the player directly since team announcements and other tournaments often list it themselves. It's not a perfect correlation with nationality, but it's pretty good.
  • You haven't seen what the results of another system would be, so unless you've spent hours compiling data about another category and making sure it's all verified factual data, then you can't know what the problems are with another possible option. Anything that we list has foreseeable problems with it, and not only does COB seem to be pretty good overall as an indicator, but also it's our current system, and changing to another option has a pretty high opportunity cost associated with it, where we can't spend that time on other projects.


I can't edit! What's going on??

First of all, note that unless you are specifically granted Editor permissions, all of your edits will need to be accepted by a staff member before they go live. This is to reduce spam / vandalism. So if you are able to edit a page and then save it, it's probably working exactly as intended -- just check back in a bit to see if your edit was accepted.
If you can't even click the "Edit" button, make sure you're logged in. It's also possible (but unlikely) that your IP address has been banned from making edits if someone at your IP was repeatedly making malicious edits. If you suspect this might be the case, please contact us!

I edited the page. Why isn't it showing up?

As a vandalism counter-measure, we have an approval system for page edits. When you edit a page, you can see the changes yourself, but for your edit to go live for everyone, it must be accepted by a staff member. Once it's accepted, everyone will be able to see it.

Why wasn't my edit accepted?

First, make sure your edit was actually correct. Maybe you had a typo? If your edit was definitely correct, try resubmitting with an explanation of what you were changing and why in the summary. If you've done that and you've waited at least 24 hours and it's still not accepted, then please contact us. Include your account name and a link to the page you were attempting to edit.

There's a change I need to make, but I can't figure out how. What do I do?

Check out our page on editing here. There are a lot of MediaWiki tutorials available, and our staff are always willing to help out!
If you really can't figure it out, you can either contact us or add an ambox to the page. Adding amboxes is really easy -- all you have to do is type {{cleanup}} or the syntax corresponding to the appropriate ambox at the top of the page. (Click Edit With Form and then type the ambox syntax at the top of the text box at the bottom of the form page.)

I added a link to an external page, but it's not working. How come?

Did you add "http://" at the beginning? If not, the link won't work. You can also refer to our tutorial.


Do you have a public list of branding assets?


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