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Rocket League Dojo
General Information
Host(s): Liefx
Format: VODs
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Rocket League Dojo is a talk show hosted by Liefx primarily discussing mechanics in Rocket League with input from various current and former pro players.

Episode List

# Date Title Guests VOD Length
12.5 2017-04-11 Branding in Action Spirit VOD 74m
12 2017-04-04 Branding Lawler VOD 108m
11 2017-01-28 How to not Tilt Kevpert VOD 79m
10 2017-01-17 Advanced Techniques Huskih VOD 101m
9 2017-01-10 Muscle Memory and Warming Up Nomad VOD 102m
8 2017-01-03 Kronovi vs F2 1v3 Analysis None VOD 206m
7 2016-12-19 Positioning Gibbs VOD 117m
6 2016-11-16 Online vs Live Competitive Play? Espeon VOD 85m
5 2016-11-08 Kickoffs None VOD 38m
4.5 2016-10-27 Basic Ball Control None VOD 53m
4 2016-10-18 Taking Advice and Ball Control Turtle and FindableCarpet VOD 94m
3.5 2016-10-04 Basic Car Control None VOD 51m
3 2016-09-27 Focus and Car Control Kronovi and RaynEx VOD 90m
2 2016-09-20 Casual vs Competitive 0ver Zer0 and tyeRIsh VOD 117m
1 2016-09-13 What Are Mentalityies and Mechanics? Nomad VOD 90m