RLRS/Season 7/North America/League Play

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Season 7 NA RLRS League Play
Tournament Information
FormatRound Robin
Location & Dates
CountryNorth America North America


This is the fourth season of North America's Rocket League Rival Series which runs alongside the sixth competitive season of the RLCS. Four teams who qualified from the Play-In and four teams who auto qualified from RLRS Season 6 will compete to get a chance to qualify for the next season of the RLCS.


Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Promotion Tournament Birds and the Beezlogo std.png Birds and the Beez [[]]
Silver.png 2nd Promotion Tournament The Peepslogo std.png The Peeps [[]]
Bronze.png 3rd Plot Twistlogo std.png Plot Twist [[]]
Copper.png 4th RBG Esportslogo std.png RBG Esports [[]]
5th Logo std.png Pittsburgh Embers [[]]
6th Afterthoughtlogo std.png Afterthought [[]]
7th Upper 90 Esportslogo std.png Upper 90 Esports [[]]
8th The D00dslogo std.png The D00ds [[]]