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Season 3 EU RLCS Open Qualifier
EU RLCS Logo.png
Tournament Information
FormatDouble Elimination
Number of Teams2,995 Teams
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe
Start Date2017-03-05
End Date2017-03-12



  • Open to all players
  • 2 days of play spread over 2 weeks
  • First day matches are best-of-three
  • Second day matches are best-of-five
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Top 8 teams advance to group stage

Qualified Teams

Place Team Roster
Qualified.png Q Pocket Aceslogo std.png Pocket Aces Chausette45paschy90ViolentPanda
FlipSid3 Tacticslogo std.png FlipSid3 Tactics gReazykuxir97Markydooda
Northern Gaminglogo std.png Northern Gaming DeevoMaestroRemkoe
Team Secrecylogo std.png Team Secrecy al0tMetsanaurisMognus
Xedec Nationlogo std.png Xedec Nation DanzhizzLeNielskoekZensuz
Mock-It eSportslogo std.png Mock-It eSports Fairy PeakKaydopMiztik
The Leftoverslogo std.png The Leftovers FerraSikiiSnaski
Logo std.png ZentoX1 Classic'helloItachi
1After qualifying, ZentoX were found to be in violation of RLCS rules due to competing with an ineligible player and were disqualified.[1] A Tiebreaker Playoff was played to determine the eighth and final team qualified for RLCS.


Place Team Roster
9th-12th Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png Copenhagen Flames AbeogandBækkeWaffle
PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Sports FreaKiiKillerno7Pwndx
Leaf eSportslogo std.png Leaf eSports GMSexayJHZERKrazack
Red Eyelogo std.png Red Eye DadoohSkylineTequilaz
13th-16th Logo std.png Pentagram Alex161Datap0wrnflakes
Logo std.png Kielbasa Sausage bebzBicycleThiefShikuni
Logo std2.png OneTrickPony Gerry GoorlapKAR0TTENP0WERSpoonie
Rex Gaminglogo std.png Rex Gaming EyeIgniteFriisischGontho


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Qualifying Teams

Team Secrecy
Sweden al0t
Finland Metsanauris
Finland Mognus
Czech Republic Lauty
Switzerland Stocki
The Leftovers
France Ferra
Germany Sikii
Denmark Snaski
Switzerland Continuum
France Mout
Switzerland Classic'
France hello
Morocco Itachi
Netherlands Kevoo


Rex Gaming
United Kingdom EyeIgnite
Denmark Friisisch
Netherlands Gontho
Germany ElBarto
Italy Tizz
Leaf eSports
Austria GMSexay
Finland JHZER
United Kingdom Krazack
United Kingdom Supraa
Red Eye
France Dadooh
Switzerland Skyline
France Tequilaz
France Nelsa
France Level


Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  FlipSid3 Tacticslogo std.png F3 3
  Logo std.png GROU 0
  FlipSid3 Tacticslogo std.png F3 3
  Logo std2.png OTP 0
  Logo std2.png OTP 3
  Logo std2.png Celestial 2
  FlipSid3 Tacticslogo std.png F3
  Xedec Nationlogo std.png XN 0
  The Leftoverslogo std.png Leftovers 3
  Team ENJOYlogo std.png ENJOY 1
  The Leftoverslogo std.png Leftovers 2
  Xedec Nationlogo std.png XN 3
  Xedec Nationlogo std.png XN 3
  Logo std.png KIEL 1
  Pocket Aceslogo std.png P Aces 3
  Logo std.png FAIR 0
  Pocket Aceslogo std.png P Aces 3
  Rize Gaminglogo std.png Rize 0
  Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 1
  Rize Gaminglogo std.png Rize 3
  Pocket Aceslogo std.png P Aces
  Mock-It eSportslogo std.png Mock-It 2
  Mock-It eSportslogo std.png Mock-It 3
  Logo std.png BAM 0
  Mock-It eSportslogo std.png Mock-It 3
  Logo std.png VELO 0
  Planetkey Dynamicslogo std.png PKD 0
  Logo std.png VELO 3
  Northern Gaminglogo std.png NRGM 3
  Logo std.png GG D 1
  Northern Gaminglogo std.png NRGM 3
  Logo std.png PENT 0
  Logo std.png PENT 3
  Rex Gaminglogo std.png Rex 1
  Northern Gaminglogo std.png NRGM
  Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF 0
  Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF 3
  Logo std2.png Disco 0
  Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF 3
  Logo std2.png Myths 2
  Logo std2.png Myths 3
  Logo std.png ZENT 2
  Team Secrecylogo std.png Secrecy 3
  Logo std.png I CE 0
  Team Secrecylogo std.png Secrecy 3
  Logo std2.png Pure Xc 0
  Smalltown Girlslogo std.png StG 0
  Logo std2.png Pure Xc 3
  Team Secrecylogo std.png Secrecy
  Red Eyelogo std.png RE 0
  PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA 3
  Logo std.png AGE 0
  PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA 1
  Red Eyelogo std.png RE 3
  Red Eyelogo std.png RE 3
  Sørby eSportlogo std.png Sørby 2

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
  Planetkey Dynamicslogo std.png PKD 3
  Logo std.png SKYF 0
  Logo std.png GET 2   Logo std.png PENT 3
  Logo std.png GET 3   Planetkey Dynamicslogo std.png PKD 3
  Planetkey Dynamicslogo std.png PKD 2
  Atlas FireWalllogo std.png Atlas FW 0
  Logo std.png BAM 1
  Atlas FireWalllogo std.png Atlas FW 3   Xedec Nationlogo std.png XN
  Atlas FireWalllogo std.png Atlas FW 3   Logo std.png PENT 2
  Logo std.png A2O 1   Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 1
  Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 3
  Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 3
  Logo std.png IN M 3
  Logo std.png IN M 0   Logo std2.png Myths 0
  Logo std2.png V Zero 0   Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 3
  Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 3
  Logo std.png BEAN 1
  Logo std.png FAIR 0
  Logo std.png BEAN 3
  Logo std.png BEAN 3
  Logo std.png CHEA 1
  Logo std.png KIEL 3
  Logo std.png EXIL 2
  Logo std.png WITH 0   Logo std2.png Pure Xc 0
  Logo std.png WITH 3   Logo std.png KIEL 3
  Logo std.png KIEL 3
  Team ENJOYlogo std.png ENJOY 2
  Team ENJOYlogo std.png ENJOY 3
  EMonkeyzlogo std.png eMz PC 2   Mock-It eSportslogo std.png Mock-It
  Team Mysticzlogo std.png Mysticz 0   Logo std.png KIEL 0
  Team Mysticzlogo std.png Mysticz 3   PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA 0
  PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA 3
  Logo std2.png Celestial 3
  Logo std.png RUBB 1
  Logo std.png GAMG 2   PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA 3
  Logo std.png GAMG 3   Logo std2.png Celestial 1
  Logo std.png GOOD 0
  Logo std.png GOOD 3
  Logo std.png GROU 0
  Logo std.png GOOD 3
  Logo std.png GOOD 3
  Logo std2.png Cantank 0
  Sørby eSportlogo std.png Sørby 3
  Logo std.png LASS 2
  Logo std.png RM C 0   Logo std2.png OTP 3
  Logo std.png RM C 3   Sørby eSportlogo std.png Sørby 0
  Logo std.png AGE 1
  Logo std.png AGE 3
  Logo std.png AGE 3
  Team letimlogo std.png Team_letim 3   Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF 1
  Team letimlogo std.png Team_letim 0   Logo std2.png OTP 2
  Logo std.png GBY 0   The Leftoverslogo std.png Leftovers
  The Leftoverslogo std.png Leftovers 3
  Smalltown Girlslogo std.png StG 3
  Logo std.png CLUE W
  Logo std.png CLUE 1   The Leftoverslogo std.png Leftovers 3
  Logo std.png NO I DQ   Smalltown Girlslogo std.png StG 2
  Logo std.png I CE 2
  Logo std.png I CE 3
  Logo std.png I CE 3
  PAM eSportslogo std.png PAM 0
  Logo std.png ZERO 1
  Logo std.png ZERO 3
  Logo std.png ZENT 3
  ASES.Clublogo std.png ASES 0
  Logo std.png YOGH 1   Rize Gaminglogo std.png Rize 0
  Logo std.png YOGH 3   Logo std.png ZENT 3
  Logo std.png ZENT 3
  Logo std.png LONE 1
  Logo std2.png Disco 1
  Logo std.png BREA 1   Red Eyelogo std.png RE 1
  Logo std.png LONE 3   Logo std.png ZENT 3
  Logo std.png LONE 3   Logo std.png ZENT
  Rex Gaminglogo std.png Rex 1
  Rex Gaminglogo std.png Rex 3
  Logo std.png QBYT 3
  Logo std.png QBYT 0   Logo std.png VELO 2
  Logo std.png FAKE 0   Rex Gaminglogo std.png Rex 3
  Rex Gaminglogo std.png Rex 3
  Logo std.png ONE 1
  Logo std.png GG D 1
  Logo std.png ONE W
  Logo std.png ONE 3
  Logo std.png LONE DQ

Schedule & VODs

Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PST CET KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Reddit
P Aces Pocket Aceslogo std.png
3:2 2017,3,12,16,00 2017,3,12,16,00 08:00 17:00 01:00 -- -
F3 FlipSid3 Tacticslogo std.png
Xedec Nationlogo std.png XN
3:0 2017,3,12,17,00 2017,3,12,17,00 09:00 18:00 02:00 -- -
NRGM Northern Gaminglogo std.png
Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF
3:0 2017,3,12,18,00 2017,3,12,18,00 10:00 19:00 03:00 -- -
Red Eyelogo std.png RE
3:0 2017,3,12,19,00 2017,3,12,19,00 11:00 20:00 04:00 -- -
XN Xedec Nationlogo std.png
Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F
3:1 2017,3,12,20,00 2017,3,12,20,00 12:00 21:00 05:00 -- -
PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA
3:0 2017,3,12,21,00 2017,3,12,21,00 13:00 22:00 06:00 -- -
LEAF Leaf eSportslogo std.png
1:3 2017,3,12,22,00 2017,3,12,22,00 14:00 23:00 07:00 -- -
RE Red Eyelogo std.png
Logo std.png ZENT
1:3 2017,3,12,23,00 2017,3,12,23,00 15:00 00:00 08:00 -- -

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