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Mye_bipod_4shor is a SARPBC veteran who had an alpha code at the beginning but was unable to play due to having a terrible PC. He found out about the sequel through the Psyonix forums which he was a frequent user of before the game's release. He did play a handful of games during the beta, but it was again mostly unplayable because of his internet. He began to play Rocket League more frequently around the start of Season 2. He has always been a competitive person from day one and strives to be best at what he enjoys.


  • His name originates from when he used to play Call of Duty: World at War on PlayStation 3. He and his friend wanted to make an account with a funny name when getting a kill. They found the thought of someone being killed by a bipod attatchment strangely hilarious, so they used the name mye_bipod. When he got a kill, it would notify the person with "You've been killed by mye_bipod". He added the "4shor" part of his name because the two were fans of the film Never Back Down. He added a "for sure/4shor" to emulate Jean Roqua's (the trainer's) accent in the movie resulting in his complete name of mye_bipod_4shor.
  • His favorite game is SARPBC and he wished Rocket League was more like it in terms of physics.

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DS4 No 96 100 -2.0 300 0.65 8.7 Hold



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