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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameJarmo Niinemäe
Country of BirthFinland Finland
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Aug 2015 - Dec 2015
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YouMyZerologo std.png YouMyZero
Jan 2016 - Feb 2016
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FireWalllogo std.png FireWall
Mar 2016 - ??? 2016
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Team Rocketlogo std.png Team Rocket
Jarmo "Linkuru" Niinemäe is a competitive Rocket League player who is currently teamless.



Camera & Controller

Player Settings (list of)
Controller Cam Shake FOV Height Angle Distance Stiffness Swivel Speed Ball Cam
No 105 100 -5.0 240 0.90 8.0 Hold


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Recent Achievements (full list)
Date Place Event Team Roster
2016-02-08 A55 - 8 ESL Go4RL Europe 2016 January FireWalllogo std.png FireWall HeavYLinkurusoLid99npnp
2016-01-14 A55 - 8 ESL Go4RL Europe 2015 December FireWalllogo std.png FireWall LinkurusoLid99npnpvel
2016-01-08 A55 - 8 Gfinity Rocket League - January 8th FireWalllogo std.png FireWall LinkurusoLid99npnpvel
2015-12-07 A55 - 8 ESL Go4RL Europe 2015 November YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruIntrauzesLinkuru
2015-12-04 A33 - 4 Gfinity Rocket League - December 4th YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruPwndxLinkuru
2015-11-10 A33 ESL Go4RL Europe 2015 October YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruD3tinLinkuru
2015-10-30 A33 - 4 Gfinity Rocket League - October 30th YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruD3tinLinkuru
2015-10-02 A33 - 4 Gfinity Rocket League - October 2nd YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruD3tinLinkuru
2015-09-11 A22 Gfinity Rocket League - September 11th YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruD3tinLinkuru
2015-09-03 A77 - 8 MLG Pro League Season 1 Qualifier YouMyZerologo std.png YMZ AnduruD3tinLinkuru
In Premier, Major, & Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team RosterNo results




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