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Background Information
NameColby James
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayJanuary 23
 North America
TeamXSET Gaminglogo std.png XSET Gaming
Team History
Feb 2019 - Nov 2019
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Birds and the Beezlogo std.png Birds and the Beez
Oct 2020 - Present
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XSET Gaminglogo std.png XSET Gaming
Colby "Hockser" James is a player for XSET Gaming.



Camera & Controller


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Recent Achievements (full list)
Date Place Event Team Roster
2021-04-11 A99 - 12 RLCS Season X - Spring: NA Regional Event 2 XSET Gaminglogo std.png XSET JPowAlphaKephockser
2019-12-15 A99 - 12 RLCS Season 8 World Championship EUnitedlogo std.png EU hockserRollDizzayjacks
2019-11-02 A44 Season 8 NA RLCS League Play EUnitedlogo std.png EU hockserRollDizzayjacks
2017-06-02 A33 - 4 Boost Legacy 2v2 Weekly #19 Logo std.png TEAM HockserRapid
2017-05-27 A22 Nexus Gaming 3v3 Weekly #26 Logo std.png GOAT AyyJayyHockserJorolelin
2017-05-24 A55 - 8 Nexus Gaming 2v2 Weekly #21 Logo std.png KSHS HockserMill
2017-05-22 A33 - 4 Boost Legacy 1v1 Weekly #18 Logo std.png SOLO Hockser
2017-05-21 A33 - 4 PRL 2v2 Rivals Cup #27 Logo std.png CARR HockserMillerio
2017-05-18 A22 Mythical Opera Weekly #36 Logo std.png WHYN Hocksersugarshaney18
2017-05-15 A33 - 4 Boost Legacy 1v1 Weekly #17 Logo std.png SOLO Hockser
2017-05-11 A22 Mythical Opera Weekly #35 Logo std.png WOW! HockserMajestic Cow
2017-05-09 A55 - 8 Mythical CARuption Weekly #31 Logo std.png REND HockserKutturamaswamiMajestic Cow
2017-05-04 A22 Mythical Opera Weekly #34 Logo std.png THE AyyJayyHockser
2017-05-03 A11 Nexus Gaming 2v2 Weekly #18 Logo std.png LELS AyyJayyHockser
2017-04-28 A11 Boost Legacy 2v2 Weekly #14 Logo std.png MISS AyyJayyHockser
2017-04-27 A55 - 8 Mythical Opera Weekly #33 Logo std.png NA/E georgeburke12Hockser
2017-04-26 A55 - 8 Nexus Gaming 2v2 Weekly #17 Logo std.png NA/E AyyJayyHockser
2017-04-25 A11 Mythical CARuption Weekly #29 Logo std.png NA/E AyyJayygeorgeburke12Hockser
2017-04-24 A55 - 8 PRL 3v3 Rivals Cup #27 Logo std.png COWS CowHawkshotHockser
2017-04-23 A33 - 4 PRL 2v2 Rivals Cup #24 Logo std.png NA/E georgeburke12HockserMore...
In Premier, Major, & Minor Tournaments
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