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Team has disbanded.
Fibeon Esports
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Team Information
North America
Created (1)2017-04-18
Disbanded (1)2017-11-07
Created (2)2018-03-01
Disbanded (2)2018-03-19
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Fibeon Esports is a North American team.



  • 2018
  • 2017
  • March 1, team is reformed. Demonator, Kai99jr, iSharrieff join with Grills joining as a substitute for RLRS Season 5. [1]
  • March 19, team is disbanded. Demonator, Kai99jr, iSharrieff and Grills leave. [2]

Player Roster


Fourth Iteration

C ID Name Role Next Team
Demonator Santiago Prada 11
Kai99jr Kai Jochems 11
iSharrieff Isaiah Sharrieff 11

Third Iteration

C ID Name Role Next Team
Chicago Reed Wilen 11 Logo std.pngApplesauce
Hato Hayden Balsys 11 Logo std.pngApplesauce
Zolhay Zoli Digness 11 Logo std.pngApplesauce

Second Iteration

C ID Name Role Next Team
TyNotTyler Ty Helewa 11 Logo std.pngEmotion
EPICJonny Jonathan Ramrattan 11 Logo std.pngOut of Style
Kerupt Adam Stankovich 11 Logo std.pngCypher
HotWheelsSid Chandler Higdon 11 Logo std.pngSplyce

First iteration (A Team)

C ID Name Role Next Team
TyNotTyler Ty Helewa 11 Logo std.pngFibeon Esports
Sea-Bass Sebastian Becerra 11 Logo std.pngEmotion
Allushin 11 Logo std.pngEmotion

First iteration (B Team)

C ID Name Role Next Team
Roll Dizz Raul Diaz 11 Logo std.pngschmackers
Beez 11
Dtra1n Dustin Van Fleet 11
Dangles Elliot Koeppe 11 Logo std.pngBench Warmers


RLCSLogo.png RLCS Substitutes
C ID Name S4 S5
Raze Colin Russell GreenCheck.png RedX.png
Grills Will Nad RedX.png GreenCheck.png


C ID Name Position
Apple Ryan Labriola Owner
cruck1000 Casey Ruckman Technical Director
shakeherhand Sam Childs Marketing Director
Sneaky Jordan Cothran Rocket League Team Manager

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
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Power Rankings

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