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  • Weekly Cups
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five

Weekly Cups

Place Cup 30 Cup 31 Cup 32 Cup 33 Cup 34
Gold.png Logo std.pngNemesis v2 Logo std.pngBlack & White Logo std.pngBlack & White Logo std.pngBlack & White Logo std.pngFsK Team
Silver.png Logo std.pngSERPENTSs Logo std.pngVai Ve o Gol Logo std.pngSERPENTSs Logo std.pngWildileocy Logo std.pngDynamic Gaming
3-4 Logo std.pngAerial Kings Logo std.pngTeam Legend Logo std.pngSharks Team Logo std.pngSERPENTSs Logo std.pngGotcha!
Logo std.pngBlack & White Logo std.pngOs Predador de Perereca Logo std.pngCade meu Dolly Logo std.pngVoltz Logo std.pngHell Screams
5-8 Logo std.pngCade meu Dolly Logo std.pngBrabos Logo std.pngAmarolados FC Logo std.pngoF TeaM Logo std.pngFHOGGZ
Logo std.pngTeam leprosos Logo std.pngMadruga Rocket Logo std.pngVoltz Logo std.pngSharks Team Logo std.pngTeam Dominus
Logo std.pngReekters Sprinters Logo std.pngStreet Kings Logo std.pngOGP Logo std.pngAmarolados FC Logo std.pngCade meu Dolly
Logo std.pngFTW, For The Win Logo std.png8492 Squad Logo std.pngThe Warriors of Rocket League Logo std.pngFTW ForTheWin Logo std.pngSharks Team
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