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  • Weekly Cups
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five

Weekly Cups

Place Cup 23 Cup 24 Cup 25
Gold.png Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost Logo std.pngBlack Dragons
Silver.png Logo std.pngUnique Logo std.pngHell Screams Logo std.pngmwtd
3-4 Logo std.pngmwtd Logo std.pngSyNc Logo std.pngShadow Friends
Logo std.pngVillage People Logo std.pngBlack Dragons Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost
5-8 Logo std.pngimproviso Logo std.pngThresh Logo std.pngThresh
Logo std.pngShadow Team Logo std.pngSlayer-TEC Logo std.pngAerial4Fun
Logo std.pngR3K7 Logo std.pngAerial4Fun Logo std.pngTheSafadoes
Logo std.pngSarrei Logo std.pngOs Bruninhos Logo std.pngoF TeaM
9-16 See Weekly Bracket Links
17-32 See Weekly Bracket Links
33-64 See Weekly Bracket Links

Bracket Links