Rocket League Esports Wiki


  • Weekly Cups
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five

Weekly Cups

Place Cup 35 Cup 36 Cup 37
Gold.png Logo std.pngALDAX RL Games Logo std.pngImpulse Logo std.pngNight stars
Silver.png Logo std.pngWildileocy Logo std.pngStreet Kings Logo std.pngeZFTW
3-4 Logo std.pngPredador de Perereca Logo std.pngAmarolados FC Logo std.pngHypnotic
Logo std.pngMaster Skill Logo std.pngBeeBlacK Logo std.pngRocket Squad
5-8 Logo std.pngBeeBlacK Logo std.pngAKB Logo std.pngRedNine9
Logo std.pngCade meu Dolly Logo std.pngThe strongest Logo std.pngElite Team
Logo std.pngOver Powered Barrel Logo std.pngChacal FC Logo std.pngBatatas
Logo std.pngAmarolados FC Logo std.pngRocket Squad Logo std.pngTheSafadoes
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17-32 See Weekly Bracket Links
33-64 See Weekly Bracket Links

Bracket Links