Rocket League Esports Wiki


  • Weekly Cups
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five

Weekly Cups

Place Cup 42 Cup 43
Gold.png Logo std.pngRocket masters Logo std.pngLGS
Silver.png Logo std.pngAerial 4 Fun Logo std.pngPocket Spaghetti
3-4 Logo std.pngOnline Fake Logo std.pngTeam Rocket
Logo std.pngFatal4Way Logo std.pngDesconhecidos
5-8 Logo std.pngNice Shot! Logo std.pngMagicShot
Logo std.pngThe Warriors of Rocket League Logo std.pngKPM-Team
Logo std.pnglgd Logo std.pngThe Rocket Divine
Logo std.pngTheMyths Logo std.pngThe Best God Soldiers
9-16 See Weekly Bracket Links
17-32 See Weekly Bracket Links
33-64 See Weekly Bracket Links

Bracket Links