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  • Weekly Cups
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five

Weekly Cups

Place Cup 3 Cup 4 Cup 5 Cup 6
Gold.png Logo std.pngAcrophobia Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost Logo std.pngAlpha Team Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost
Silver.png Logo std.pngRexpeita Logo std.pngUnleashing Insanity Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost Logo std.pngRexpeita
3-4 Logo std.pngRocket masters Logo std.pngRexpeita Logo std.pngGalaxy Gaming Logo std.pngCelestial
Logo std.pngCade Meu Boost Logo std.pngVai Ve o Gol Logo std.pngRocket masters Logo std.pngBlack Dragons
5-8 Logo std.pngVoltz Logo std.pngTriunfantes Logo std.pngHueBR TeaM Logo std.pngRookie Gonna Win
Logo std.pngGalaxy Gaming Logo std.pngTeam KillerHS Logo std.pngKings Of The Shadow Logo std.pngTheLegendsOfRock
Logo std.pngUnleashing Insanity Logo std.pngNovatosBR Logo std.pngVai Ve o Gol Logo std.pngVai Ve o Gol
Logo std.pngCAFIL Logo std.pngTime Sem Grife Logo std.pngBlack Dragons Logo std.pngRocket masters
9-16 See Weekly Bracket Links
17-32 See Weekly Bracket Links
33-64 See Weekly Bracket Links

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