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Background Information
TeamDignitaslogo std.png Dignitas
Team History
Jul 2019 - Present
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Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas
"Aztral" is a player for Dignitas.



Camera & Controller


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Recent Achievements (full list)
Date Place Event Team Roster
2021-03-28 A22 RLCS Season X - Spring: EU Regional Event 2 Solarylogo std.png SLY FerraChausette45AztraLNeqzo
2019-12-15 A44 RLCS Season 8 World Championship Dignitaslogo std.png DIG ViolentPandaYukeoAztral
2019-11-03 A55 Season 8 EU RLCS League Play Dignitaslogo std.png DIG ViolentPandaYukeoAztraLJZRVirge
2019-07-07 A99 - 12 DreamHack Valencia 2019 Logo std.png DIGN ViolentPandaYukeoAztraL
2018-08-13 A11 ESL Go4RL EU July 2018 Final Logo std.png INDI AztraLPolarSAKSEN
2018-04-05 A99 - 16 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 7 WithMyBoyzslogo std.png MyBoyzs AztraLEversaxFaykoW
2018-04-04 A55 - 8 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 6 Logo std.png ABCD AztraLFlumoxKroniX
2018-04-02 A33 - 4 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 4 Logo std.png HYGG AztraLFoxmanPixon
2018-03-29 A99 - 16 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 3 Logo std.png ABCD AztraLDoomaynFlumox
2017-04-05 A33 - 4 Metacup Series 3v3 #10 Logo std.png KING AdonisAztraLKantaJ
2017-03-18 A55 - 8 Metacup Series 2v2 #9 Logo std.png POGC AztraLSkieS
2017-03-04 A55 - 8 Metacup Series 2v2 #8 Logo std.png NALM AztraLNalmon
2017-02-26 A55 - 8 Mind Games 2v2 Weekly #2 Logo std.png JEBA AztraLDuckI Am A TreeSti_icky20
2017-02-25 A55 - 8 Metacup Series 2v2 #6 Logo std.png ROYA AztraLBatOu
2017-02-24 A22 Gfinity Rocket League - February 24th Logo std.png ROYA AztraLBatOu
2017-02-04 A22 Metacup Series 2v2 #3 Logo std.png LOOK AztraL
2016-12-23 A44 ESL Go4RL EU Cup #74 Logo std.png WIFI Arkaner247AztraLcoKaaa
In Premier, Major, & Minor Tournaments
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