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ARES (Alpha Republic of Esport) Esport is a European team primarily backed by well known french speaking stars from sporting and celebrity backgrounds. The organization replaced Team Endpoint in the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 but is most famous for its participation in RLRS Season 5 with the roster Cheerio, Sebadam and Tinny.


ARES enters the scene

On January 18, 2018, ARES Esport replaced Team Endpoint in the Gfinity Elite Series as part of the reshuffling which saw a grand total of six new organizations enter the Gfinity competition. With serious financial clout and backing, the organization was ambitious and eager to pickup a team capable of bringing them success in the third Elite Series season. In February, ARES began their search for a Rocket League roster and inevitably fell upon two former champions of the Gfinity Elite Series from season 1, Cheerio and Tinny. Both players were accomplished LAN competitors and veterans of the Elite Series. They had just come off a 2nd place finish in season 2 having fallen to Reason Gaming in a nail biting seven game thriller. In the offseason, both players failed to attend Dreamhack Leipzig as well as a number of major online competitions such as HyperCup and the Ting Open. However, they did often feature in the small Gfinity Challenger Series cups trialing new players to replace their former teammate Shakahron.

In the meantime, ARES would acquire both Ronaky and MoneyTalk of Triple Trouble and Team WLF respectively from the Elite Series draft, two players who had progressed rapidly under their rosters in the offseason. Ronaky controversially missed out on a starting spot in the Elite Series with his teammates Tadpole and Andom due to the last minute replacement of Reason Gaming by UNILAD Esports but was fortunate enough to be given a substitute role on ARES. Following the draft, ARES officially announced their roster for the upcoming season, signing Cheerio, Tinny and the former Prophecy member Sebadam to create team filled with a wealth of Elite Series experience. Offseason results for this lineup were fairly poor considering their reputation, but most were certain that this squad would perform when it mattered.

Season 5

Rival Series

With Cheerio and Tinny managing to secure a 3rd spot in RLRS Season 4 under Team Endpoint, ARES auto-qualified for RLRS Season 5 and would go onto compete in Rocket League's Rival Series. Beginning with a bye, ARES started off in week 2 against a long time rival in the form of the Juicy Kids, both teams had managed to remain in the RLRS after their placements in the previous season, but expectations weren't high for either of them.

Gfinity Elite Series (Season 3)


  • 2018

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
Tinny Jamie Sparkes 2
C ID Name Role
MoneyTalk Roberto Muceli 2
Ronaky Aldin Hodzic 3


C ID Name Role Next Team
Sebadam Sebastian Adamatzky 11 Logo std.pngEpsilon eSports
Cheerio Daniel Björklund 11


RLCSLogo.png RLCS Substitutes
C ID Name S5
Pulsar Tristan Jones GreenCheck.png

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2018-05-11 A55 - 8 Ballistix Brawl Qualifier 2 D7SebadamTinny
2018-05-07 A55 - 8 Gfinity Summer Series Cup 9 CalixSebadamTinny
2018-04-26 A99 - 16 Gfinity S3 Summer Series Cup 4 SebadamShakahronTinny
2018-04-25 A33 - 4 Gfinity S3 Summer Series Cup 3 SebadamStockiTinny
2018-04-23 A99 - 16 Gfinity S3 Summer Series Cup 1 SebadamShakahronTinny
2018-04-13 A66 RLRS Season 5 EU CheerioSebadamTinny $ 2,000
2018-04-07 A44 Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 CheerioSebadamTinny
2018-04-03 A99 - 16 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 5 CheerioSebadamTinny
2018-04-02 A33 - 4 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 4 CheerioSebadamTinny
2018-03-29 A55 - 8 Gfinity S3 Spring Series Cup 3 CheerioSebadamTinny
2018-02-24 A22 PRL EU 3v3 Rivals Cup #43 CheerioSebadamTinny
2018-02-17 A11 PRL EU 3v3 Rivals Cup #42 CheerioSebadamTinny $ 150




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